Captain Basillo's lighthouse!

French Kiss Divers Malapascua offers you this island with its lighthouse and its legend, which we discovered on our exploration expeditions. It takes 1h45/2h by boat to get there, but from Malapascua you're absolutely on your own on superb dive sites undamaged by fishing or human activity. The program: 1 dive on a truly breathtaking site, then a visit to the island, a barbecue, a rest, then we're off again for a 2nd dive around the lighthouse. Coral tables over 2m high and a magnificent site.

Capitancillo Islote, more commonly known as Capitancillo Island or Islet, is a small coral island located off the coast of Bogo, Cebu, in the Camotes Sea. It is a marine protected area, which means that people are not allowed to fish near its waters or leave their disgusting garbage there. This 6-hectare island is home to a diverse underwater ecosystem, and the fish that live there wouldn't appreciate having garbage floating around. What's more, you can be fined up to Php1,000,000 if you threaten Philippine marine life. As a protected marine sanctuary, Capitancillo Island is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Cebu province.

The legend of Captain Basillo's galleon, which was cursed and transformed into Capitancillo Island:

In addition to the magnificent waters that surround it, the island itself is unique not only for its solitary 25-metre-high lighthouse, which emits three bright lights every ten seconds, but also for the folklore that surrounds the island's origin. According to local legend, Capitancillo Island was once a ship that was transformed into what it is today because its captain insulted the local chief over 400 years ago.

Locals tell the story that the island of Capitancillo was a trading ship captained by a Spaniard named Captain Basilio. According to the people who like to tell this story, Captain Basilio insulted the local chief datu Bugtopasan. No one has been able to say how the captain insulted the chief, but let's just say he made fun of the name Bugtopasan. The offended chief became so furious that he cast a spell on Captain Basilio's boat and turned it into a rock floating in the sea.

Extra fuel & bbq: 3900 php /per person
Sanctuary fee: 300 php /per person

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