Schedules and planning

At French Kiss DiversLife belongs to those who get up early", diving is our whole life, but we must also know how to protect it: Mandatory degassing on Sundays!

Open every day except Sunday (8am - 6pm)

Rest for all!

Sunday is a rest day! We understand that you are on vacation, but our team also needs to rest a little, spend time with their family, relax, and vent to avoid an accident for example.


Nature needs time for herself too

Let's leave the sea bed for a while, just for one day and take advantage of this day to discover this incredible island, its customs and the locals.

Disco night on Saturday

The custom here is the Saturday night disco. All the more reason to play it safe and not tempt the devil the next day! You are on vacation and you want to enjoy it, normal. But alcohol does not mix well with diving, so we close 😉

French Kiss Divers offers SSI diving courses at all levels