Discover our special trips!

In addition to the thresher shark outings at Kimud, tiger shark outings at Monad and cave outings at Gato, French Kiss Divers Malapascua offers 4 truly distinct excursions, by the day or over several days, provided you have at least 6 motivated divers:
- Kallangaman
- Capitancillo
- Sambawan
- Maripipi (mid-April to mid-November).

Join the team of french Kiss Divers and take the sails towards new places, new non-touristy lands for the moment, let yourself be carried away in the magic of the Philippines!

It's true that the Philippines are vast, and most travelers who venture to these islands find themselves caught up in time. There are the destinations that are already preferred by many, vacation and leisure destinations that are often very touristy. But the Philippines and its 7107 islands are much more than that.
The French Kiss Divers team offers to take you on a voyage of discovery to new places, most of them wild and atypical, where our favorite activities, such as diving, snorkeling and trekking, will live up to your expectations.

Our "Safaris" are organized 1 or 2 times a week and can be booked in advance or even created according to your wishes. We'll put together a discovery program you'll never forget.

You'll leave on a typical Filipino boat, called "Banca". It's a very spacious craft that the Filipinos excel at making, and you'll see it almost nowhere else in the world!
Built on a Santa Clara or marine plywood base, with bamboo as outriggers (not floats!), its cruising speed is around 15 knots or 20 km/h thanks to its truck engine, often a Mitsubishi 6d16 or 4dr5, infinitely repairable or almost.

Specially designed for passenger transport or exploration diving, it will enable you to cover long distances in comfort, relax, prepare your diving equipment, or even do your diving theory courses during the crossing, always with the aim of optimizing your time and pleasure. The boat is also equipped with a galley and toilet.