Are you a PADI?

SSI is now the fastest growing diving organization in the world, surpassing PADI in many countries.

They focus on the diver's experience and development in the different areas of recreational diving.




45 000 PHP

Day 1:


  • Correction of candidate's preparations;
  • Theoretical upgrade if necessary;
  • Presentation of the Open Water and Stress and Rescue program, complete readings, organization of sessions in protected and open water!


  • History and Philosophy of SSI ;
  • Standards;
  • Examination Standards.

Day 2:


  • Standard Examination Correction;
  • Introduction to the SSI website;
  • Presentation on the recreational diving business and business in Malapascua;
  • Presentation on dive marketing and personal development as a recreational diving instructor.


  • Sheltered Session;
  • Final Examination and Grading;
  • Graduation ceremony and friendship drink.

Course of the training

The advantages

The quality of the course depends heavily on the experience and attitude of the instructor and the dive center you will be training with - no matter which organization you choose to be certified with. Here at French Kiss Divers we can offer courses with the two largest organizations in the world; SSI (Scuba School International) and CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques)

In terms of training there is really very little difference between SSI and PADI. They both follow the international standards for recreational diving set by the governing body - RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council). Therefore, the theory and exercises required during your training are almost the same. Certifications of the same level are therefore interchangeable.

Here at French Kiss Divers, we offer SSI courses 99% of the time because they are less time consuming and less expensive for students.

The differences are therefore quite small and in the end, PADI and SSI offer quality courses with a lot of safety, which produces good, confident and independent divers. Both organizations have been in existence for over 40 years and have very good and regularly updated teaching and learning materials. The main difference is in marketing, although SSI is catching up with the giant PADI.

Padi is still the larger of the two organizations, but we choose to do most of our training with SSI. Why do we do this? The team at French Kiss Divers has been teaching with both organizations for years all around the globe. We just feel strongly that the SSI educational system is a better fit for our students (that is "YOU") for their training in Malapascua.

- SSI believes that every course is different, because depending on the student, the instructor, the time available, and the environment, conditions can change dramatically. And SSI recognizes that each person's learning style may be different.

- SSI allows its instructors to plan their courses with more flexibility in theory, confined water and open water drills. More flexibility does not mean less drills or more laxity, just more adaptability to the student's needs. Padi is more rigid, and requires that the different parts of the course be done in a specific order. For example, if the current is too strong, the swimming assessments can be postponed until later in the course with SSI.

- With such a wide variety of dive sites and underwater conditions that can vary greatly, we need to be able to provide you, the student, with some flexibility, while maintaining the highest standards of training and safety.

- If you want to dive with us, you can do the whole theory part online with SSI . This way you can study at home at your own pace and make the most of your vacation when you are with us in Malapascua.

- SSI allows and encourages instructors to add information to their courses from their own education and experience if it will enhance the course content. This doesn't mean that the instructor can say whatever they want, but we like to be able to add value to our SSI courses. This way we can take more time to talk about sharks, and explain why we have so many thresher sharks on Monad year round.

- With SSI, there is no need to send a letter to PADI and wait two months at home before receiving your card. You get your virtual card right away and you are, in fact, ready to go diving right away, no matter where your travels take you.

- SSI videos are shorter and focus on the essential information you need to remember for your training, without TOO much marketing. This leaves more time for the instructor to answer questions and teach you more about the local dive sites and their wildlife. Class time is focused on teaching, not marketing.

French Kiss Divers offers SSI diving courses at all levels