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French Kiss Divers Malapascua offers a multi-day trip to Maripipi Island with white tip sharks, black tip sharks, leopard rays, blue spotted rays, turtles, barracudas, trumpet fish and many more. Life, color and corals in your eyes.

Joining us on the volcanic island of Maripipi - Biliran area, you will have the opportunity to enjoy our partner resort "Napo Beach resort". Prices range from 700 pesos to 2500 pesos, from a simple room with fan to a deluxe room with aircon, including breakfast. Generally speaking the climate is cooler than in Malapascua. Note that this place is still very little visited by tourists, so you will be completely outside the tourist circuits. Electricity is only available from noon to midnight.

Maripipi Island is part of the province of Biliran, a Volcanic (sleeping) island with a total circumference of 24 km, famous for its crystal clear waters, friendly people and its famous small satellite island Sambawan Island.
Maripipi Island during its Spanish period was a key point for the control of the sea route between Luzon and the Visayas.

The legend of the name Maripipi comes from a love story between Maria and Pepe. The island according to the legend would have been called Rosette Island. Our two lovers would have escaped on the island in order to escape the wrath of their families, these finally found their trace and pursued them to find them dead in order to be united in death...
Another more positive version says that our two lovers were able to live happily and quietly on the island and that it is their love that made this island so beautiful. Anyway this island would be named in honor of our two lovers Maria and Pepe giving Maripipi...
Others still call it the island without return. And one can understand it with the sight of the beauty of the landscapes.

Maripipi Island is less known for its dive sites, a place still virgin and preserved where we are the first dive center to be established. We will help you discover the hidden treasures of the dive sites surrounding Maripipi Island and the other surrounding islands, allowing you to explore both the underwater world and the surrounding islands through unique day trips.

We can organize trips to/from Cebu or Malapascua, however, a reservation is required. Accommodation is through our partner resort.

For more information, contact us at fkdmalapascua@gmail.com.

Join the team of french Kiss Divers and take the sails towards new places, new non-touristy lands for the moment, let yourself be carried away in the magic of the Philippines!

It is true that the Philippines are vast, most travelers who venture to these islands find themselves caught up in time. There are the already preferred destinations for many, places of vacation and leisure often very tourist. But the Philippines and its 7107 islands are much more than that.
The team of French Kiss Divers proposes to you to embark towards the discovery of new places for the majority wild, atypical and where our activities of hearts such as the diving, the snorkeling, or the trekking will be with the height of your waitings.

Our "Safaris" are organized once a week and can be booked in advance and even created according to your wishes. We will establish a discovery program that you will never forget.

You will leave on our boat the "French Touch", it is a typical Philippine Banca totally built with our care and perfected in the French way. There are no two boats like this one. Specially designed for exploration, it will allow you to travel long distances in comfort, to do your diving theory courses during the crossing, always with the aim of optimizing your time and your pleasure. The boat is also equipped with a kitchen and bathroom.